Who we are. Why a Community Foundation in Făgăraș Country?

 Fundația Comunitară Țara Făgărașului (FCTF) este o instituţie locală care funcționează ca un mecanism de identificare a nevoilor, dar și a oportunităților, propune strategii, crează mediul pentru sprijinirea și dezvoltarea comunității și urmărește în activitatea sa beneficiul public. FCTF stimulează spiritul filantropic, implicarea de orice manieră în proiectele și campaniile propuse, prin dedicarea rezultatelor exclusiv comunității și printr-o administrare atentă și transparentă.

The mission of FCTF is to improve the quality of life in Fagaras Country by engaging and understanding our community.

FCTF objectives are:

  • To support active involvement in the community and local initiatives that contribute to consolidating the communities and increase the quality of life in the region;
  • To motivate and encourage philanthropy and community participation for realizing ideals of  and addressing the challenges encountered by the communities in the region;
  • To manage transparently and ethically identified resources for addressing the needs of the community;
  • To research and analyze the development of the communities in the region and to support them in their endeavor to reach their development potential.

Areas of activity:

  • Community development and community assistance;
  • Patrimony, architecture and urbanism;
  • Local culture and local traditions/customs;
  • Life quality and life style;
  • Education, youth, and sport;
  • Scientific research (archeology, history, sociology, social and cultural anthropology, economics, etc);
  • Ecology and sustainable development (green energy, environmental protection, valuing local resources, etc);
  • Tourism (rural, cultural, ecumenical, etc.);
  • Business and economic development;
  • Gastronomy;


  • Transparency – we believe in a transparent environment, that offers to the community, donors, and beneficiaries, the possibility to be informed about the way in which resources are used and about the results of our activities;
  • Community – we believe in the strength of the local community. We believe because for our individual development it is important to be together, to enjoy what we are, and what we jointly create. We believe that a real community can offer us the comfort of belonging home, a quality life, and the occasion to become and to create added value for our community and for the entire world;
  • Knowledge – we believe in the duty we have to be well informed about what is happing to us and around us and to invest in understanding the dynamics and transformation of our communities. We believe in action based on a thorough understanding of local context and we also believe in the potential of that local context to generate knowledge;
  • Authenticity – we believe in ourselves and in our capacity, of the people living in Făgăraş Country and surrounding areas, to weave a past with ups and downs with a creative today that can bring us fulfillment and prosperity. Fulfillment because we are and because we are together.