What is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes resources primarily from the community and employs them for addressing needs identified within the community, contributing in that way to bettering the quality of life for the inhabitants of a specific geographical area, in our case Tara Fagarasului/ Land of Fagaras.

The Foundation uses several mechanisms for mobilizing resources from the community (sponsorships, donations, fundraising events, community marketing, etc), offering sponsors and donors the opportunity to direct their resources towards those areas and causes that are of interest for them and the community.

Based on the mobilized resources, the Foundation offers grants to local initiatives proposed by NGOs, community leaders, or talented people. At the same time, the Foundation actively identifies community needs, stimulating the engagement of donors and brokering partnerships for addressing the respective needs.

The Foundation maintains contact with donors and beneficiaries, ensuring them that the donated resources are properly employed and generate the expected results.

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FCTF is part of the national movement of community foundations, a program developed by the Association for Community Relations (ARC Romania) starting with 2006.

The Community Foundations model has reached in 2014 one hundred years in the USA and was adopted in Romania based primarily on the UK experience.

At this moment there are 15 community foundations in Romania, holding together a common set of standards and principles, aimed at ensuring the following: participative mechanisms for leadership and management, transparent processes for grantmaking and developing community programs, and bringing a contribution to developing local philanthropy.